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We partner with only the best luxury hotels who we trust to ensure the most personalized experiences for our clients. We also offer luxury cruises and have access to over 500 destinations worldwide.

Whether your dream is to explore an exotic island visiting powdered sugar whites sand beaches, or savor exotic cuisine before venturing into lush green jungles of vibrant and sacred wildlife; LUX QUEST can make your Caribbean dreams a reality.

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St. Lucia

Lush green mountains, chocolate exothermic spa and facials from local geographic phenomena, St. Lucia is a lush treasured gem of the Caribbean seas.


St. Vincent

This active volcanic tropical Anglo-Caribbean island is situated  inbetween Grenada and St. Lucia, known for being one of the filming locations of the Pirates of The Caribbean, and home to endemic species of birds, this island is a must see for any travelers.



A luxury friendly destination safe enough to explore freely, Barbados is known for hosting celebrity getaways, native rum tasting tours, and annual food festivals for their exotic cuisine.

A Perfect Day At Coco Cay

Coco Cay

An island exclusively owned by Royal Caribbean with an infinite amount of amenities to enjoy from leisurely to extravagant. Ask us about how to book a 'Perfect Day at Coco Cay' with Royal Caribbean



With its pink sands, and glittering crystal caves, dolphins and exciting marine life in Horsehoe Bay, Bermuda is one of the most returned to destinations for travelers worldwide.



Glorious sparkling archipelagos in the Caribbean include the Bahamas and beaches like Nassau, Harbour Island & Exuma where you can swim with the islands protected pigs on 'Pig Island'. .

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The capital is Oranjestad, Aruba is apart of the ABC Islands, known as the 'Dutch Caribbean' and is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Known for it's dry climate and all year sunny skies, this is one of the most heavily frequented destinations in the Caribbean.



Third of the ABC Dutch Isles, Curaçao is known for its sparkling inlet bays and natural hot springs which offer natural minerals. Hydrotherapy and mesotherapy, make this one of many balneoclimateric regions.


Puerto Rico 

This colorful city known for
"Viejo San Juan" a mystical pastel colored town, with alluring salsa music lurking out of bodegas and hidden speakeasies throughout the town. Known for its beach bars and casinos along the hotel strips, the landscape of Puerto Rico's mountains, waterfalls and the El Yunque tropical rainforest make it a warm and inviting destination to visit in the Caribbean.



Quintessential beach relaxation in Jamaica as soon as you land. So much to explore in either Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril, from roller coaster riding in the jungle, the iconic reggae music and food festivals, to experiencing the healing natural waterfall springs. This destination that has been named #1 most family friendly in the Caribbean for over 19 consecutive years.



Grenada is another gorgeous mountaineous country in the Caribbean. Famous for it's notable spice nutmeg, this 'Spice Isle' is known for it's prestigious education system, African and French roots, reggae, and calypso, eco-friendly guest houses, and water sports tourism.


Punta Cana

In the Dominican Republic, the "Coconut Coast" is kissed with lavish all inclusive resorts  where activities like sailing, kayaking, and wind surfing are very popular..



In the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun shines with turquoise seas, a vibrant coral reef,  and powdery beaches. Known for its nightlife, high rise hotels, incredible restaurants, and spring break vacations; Cancun may be the most popular destination to visit in all of Mexico.

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Tulum has a unique and special aura surrounding its beautiful cenotes and fascinating ancient Mayan ruins, along with it's healing waters that keep travelers coming back for more. Cove style resorts that are intimate and private, allow for a cozy and luxurious experience to travelers who desire both relaxation and occasional adventure.

anguilla cap juluca.jpg


Anguilla can be reached by private jet or by boat transfer from St. Martin; an exciting whimsical transfer welcomed by rum punch and the smell of the ocean before you press your feet against these pristine and relaxed shores. There are no all-inclusive resorts on Anguilla, this is one of the Caribbean's most exclusive islands to visit.

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St. Martin

On this magical island rich of culture and full of old world charm, witness the French and Dutch sides of the island living alongside each other harmoniously in a beautiful explosion of music, cuisine, and art.


Cayman Islands

Known for scuba diving, extreme snorkeling and all water activities, the Cayman Islands is a British owned territory with more stunning crystal clear waters and long wide stretches of powdered sugar sand on their peaceful beaches.


Costa Rica

With the Caribbean sea to the east and the pacific coast to the west; Costa Rica is a special country in Central America that we share with our clients who love the Caribbean and are wanting to venture out to discover more. It has everything from beaches, rainforests, waterfall excursions, romantic treehouse villas, sloth & treasured wildlife sanctuaries, volcanic national parks, and more. Costa Rica is a must visit regarded by many as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.



Regarded by Caribbean experts as one of the only places in the Caribbean that still feels untouched; Dominica has the heart of many travelers looking for a secret island experience.


Turks & Caicos

Turks and Caicos is known for its pure white sand wrap around beaches, the scent of lavender and jasmine left on your clothes when you arrive, and it visited by many celebrities such as 'the Kardashians and more. Ask us about our favorite hotels on the island, and the dog rescue you can visit for morning strolls with these pups on the beach. Let us book horseback riding in water excursions for you, an 'Instagram drone photoshoot', shipwreck diving, sunset cruises, and more.

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