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What is a Blue Zone region? There are 5 areas in the world, as featured on National Geographic and heavily studied by Dan Buettner and many notable doctors and scientists, who have discovered that the largest populations of the healthiest and happiest people, living to be over 100 years old thrive and inhabit these areas. Blue Zone inhabitants are said to have the most purposeful fulfilling and enriched lifestyles, shown through "9 Core Lifestyle Behaviors" as explain by 'Dr. Erin Yelland'. At LUX QUEST it is our mission and privilege to share this valuable information with you and facilitate your incredible journeys to learn from these people firsthand, so that you in turn may beneift from lifelong prosperity.

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  • Sardegna, ITALY

  • Nicoya, COSTA RICA

  • Okinawa, JAPAN

  • Loma Linda, CALIFORNIA

  • Icaria, GREECE

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9 LIFESTYLE BEHAVIORS "The Secret to Longevity"

When a series of Zlue Zone centurians were interviewed and asked, “why do you think you were able to live for so long and in such a healthy way?" This is what they replied:

1. THEY MOVE NATURALLY: living in environments that constantly nudge them to move without thinking about it. They grow gardens and don't have mechanical conveniences for house and yard work, instead of going to the gym or pumping iron, they are walking up hills to their gardens or countryside. They don't have cars or use transportation, so they walk everywhere to visit their friends, families, homes, and gardens or place of work. This is organic natural exercise. What can we do to make ourselves more active everyday? 


2. KNOW YOUR PURPOSE: Everyone has an answer when they are asked “why do you wake up in the morning?” What is "your why" and what keeps you focused on reaching your purpose?


3. DOWNSHIFT: Routines that shed stress. They rely on meditation or prayer, or they take a nap or siesta each day. Or they wind their day down with a ga=laass or 2 of red wine. This helps them manage their stress in healthy ways whereas in the american lifestyle we do not. How can you downshift and manage stress on a daily basis, what will make you happy and help you achieve your downshift?


4. 80% RULE: People do not eat until they are all the way full. No one ever has to change clothes for eating too much food. Instead they stop eating when they are 80% full.  By doing this you consume less calories and don't feel overfull. We should stop when we are 80% full.


5. PLANT SLANT: Many Greens, Lots of Nuts, & Beans. Some areas will eat meat but on a rare basis. Maybe a few times a month.


6. WINE AT 5: With your friends or around healthy foods. This can boost your life expectancy, once or twice a day, it can boost your cardiovascular system as well, putting yourself in a healthy social situation with friends and family.


7. FAMILY FIRST: Rarely see nursing homes, instead you see family members both young and old coming to take care of their loved ones. This can add an extra 6 years of life expectancy to your life. This provides a source of stability and a strong foundation of living a healthy lifestyle.


8. BELONG: Most centenarians belong to some faith based community. The denomination type did not matter, it was the sense of belonging in their faith based community.

9. RIGHT TRIBE: The worlds longest lived people chose or were born into social circles that supported healthy behaviors where everyone around them was eating community healthy meals and these practices are contagious. THey live in a community that doesnt use b=public transportation so they are moving a lot. Research has shown that smoking obesity, and happiness are contagious, if you are around people doing this , research has shown that you are more likely to do it too. If you surround yourself with people who make healthy choices then you're on your way to a blue zone healthy lifestyle