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Classic Italian cities are a staple for visiting this incredible country, but the ancient treasures and undiscovered cities unbeknownst to your typical travel agent, are our specialties. Maria Di Cara, LUX QUEST'S owner is an Italian citizen and a fluent native speaker.Maria has lived in Italy and offers special contacts in the land of 'La Bella Italia', and as such will guide you to ancient treasures off the beaten path of this limitless, overflowing with abundance, incredible destination.


We will take you to the most popular sites of Rome Venice Florence and Amalfi, but you will also uncover cities, activities, and excursions you never knew existed.  Archaic Roman catacombs, hidden jewels on the islands in the South of Italy, pink sand beaches, wine seasoned with volcanic ash from the volcanoes of Mt. Etna, Vesuvio, and Stromboli, and more.


For a true 'Italian Dream' LUX QUEST that you are sure to find nowhere else, contact LUX QUEST, and allow dual citizen Maria who fully understands both sides of travel & culture having lived in both countries, to guide you and design your handcrafted, 'Italian Dream' LUX QUEST vacation alongside our unmatched luxury travel partners.

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Just to name a few ...

San Lorenzo

A versatile warm city that boasts a perfect amount of cosmopolitan and cozy. Learn why Florence is one of the most sought out destinations to visit in all of Italy. Maria lived here and is an expert on exclusive excursions in this area & region such as hot air balloons over Chianti Vineyards and Siena.

Florence Firenze local Expert  Travel now book Lux Quest

Cradle of the Renaissance

This city boasts sublime architecture  encapsulating the work of Brunelleschi & more; full of art galleries and  world famous museums, infinite architecture drenched throughout every piazza, and the Arno river floating by for a perfect stop to enjoy the ambiance. Florence is a romantic city that is sure to steal your heart.


Coliseum Book Travel with Lux Quest now

The Colosseum

So many Greek and Roman site to visit, chapels Basilicas, the Pantheon, Trevi fountain and more. Discover why Rome is a timeless unforgettable impressionable ad remarkable city that will steal your heart and never leave you once you visit. Private visits to places like the Priscilla Catacombs, the Sistine Chapel & more.

Rome book travel Lux Quest


Sample traditional  Romanesque dishes and discover the mouthwatering cuisine at a local 5 star family owned trattoria.


Cinque Terre Lux Quest Book Travel Now

Cinque Terre Vernazza

Whether you hike here, take the train, or visit by bike; Cinque Terre the 5 lands are an incredible site to witness and the pesto in this region is known worldwide for the best tasting basil in all of Italy.

Tuscany Lux Quest Expert Cascate

A Secret Italian Local Oasis

Il Grosseto is a secret thermal hot spring, and a beloved natural resource by the locals.

Tuscany & Liguria

Isola Bella Local Travel Expert Native FLuent Lux Quest

Isola Bella

One of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily and a must visit for those coming to Sicily.


Infinite boutiques with pottery art and regali with Sicilian craft influence from artisans influenced by traditional folk history and the byzantine empire. Visit the Greek Theater and witness Mt Etna as the incredible backdrop. Private helicopter tours over the volcano available and 4X4 hiking through our exclusive partners. Discover so many more hidden secrets, with Lux Quest in Sicily. Maria's family is from this region, so she has extra tips and insight to this towns best kept jewels.

Taormina Lux Quest Italy Expert Local Native Sicilian Travel
Sicily Expert Lux Quest


Napoli best pizza book travel with Lux Quest


The best pizza unlike any other mozzarella, sauce and dough you will ever taste.

ruins roma Italy travel with Lux Quest


Ancient Pompeii with Mt Vesuvius in the background, visit this haunting and yet fascinating city taken out by the volcano hundreds of years ago.



Positano Amalfi Coast ITaly Expert Lux Quest


The romantic beach of Positano is a jewel of the Amalfi Coast; be sure to enjoy some fresh local linguini alle vongole.

Amalfi Lux Quest Path of the Gods Italy Expert

Capri Faraglioni

Private boat tours, and yacht rentals available, visit the famous blue grotto, and discover hidden beaches to stop off at.

Amalfi Coast


Amalfi Hiking Nature Italy Expert Lux Quest

Mount Solaro

The view of the Faraglioni islands is incredible from the top of Mount Solaro with its ancient ruins, and incredibly rewarding if you hike this trail.

Sorrento Italy Expert Lux Quest

Lemon Groves of Sorrento & Capri

Take a tour of a lemon grove in Sorrento and sample delicious granita al limone and then learn how to make limoncello from an expert.


Dolomites Italy Expert Lux Quest

Dolomites & The Italian Alps

Endless hiking, breathtaking panorama, heli skiing,  truffle hunting, state of the art spa experiences enhanced by natural oils and resources of the land and the 'dottrina celtica', the birth of prosecco wine visiting vineyards for tastings, and more.

CInque Terre Lux Quest Expert

Lake Como

Private boat rentals, kayaking and romantic picnics after visiting a castle, exploring enchanted trails and more.

The Dolomites


Sardegna Sardinia Italy Expert Lux Quest

La Maddalena Islands & Costa Smeralda

Known to be the most astonishingly beautiful pristine beaches in all of Europe. Chia Beach, also Isola Rosa with Pink sand and so many more.

Agritourism Italy Family Farm Lux Quest

Agriturismo Villas

Known not only for 5 star white glove luxury resorts, but also for incredible agritourism experiences with host families. Learn why Sardegna is one of the top 5 countries in the world with the largest populations of people living to be over 100 years old as discovered by Dan Buettner.



Venice San Marco Lux Quest

Venetian Lagoon

Take a private gondola ride on this beautiful sunset lagoon in Venice; your gondolier may give you a private concert and start singing an aria while you float along the sea.

Venice Expert Lux Quest Travel

Carnevale Costumes and a Venetian Ball

Dinner cruises, costume balls, glass blowing classes, gondola races, palatial hotels, visits to the secret islands, and so much more.



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Alberobello Italy Expert Lux Quest Travel


These exquisite and unique ancient built 'trulli' houses, whitewashed stone huts with conical roofs.

Cave DInner CLiff Italy Lux Quest

Grotta Palazzese

Quintessential dining inside of a cave with a cliff overlook enhanced by its coastal backdrop.

...we arrange experiences all over Italy.


In Suits
Italy Travel Lux Quest Fashion

'Italian Haute Couture' Exclusive Fashion

Experience, only by LUX QUEST 

Fashion Trip Italian PAris Fashion Week

The 'Lux Quest Italian Dream Fashion Experience', offers an exclusive and customized plethora of activities in Italy. 

services such as:

  • Design your own perfume  in an ancient Laboratorio, inspired by you.

  • Your own Italian Haute couture Dress, Suit, & Shoes designed for you by an Artisan Atelier.

  • Private Store Openings of  D&G, Bvlgari & more, and lesser known artisan local boutiques.

  • Private Tours of the 'Gucci' Gardens with lunch by Chef Massi M in Gucci's on-site fine dining bistro. 

  • Visits To 'Prada' & 'Armani' Headquarters, and the First Famous Silk Factory fabbrica in Italy & more.

  • -Private Transfers, Luxury Hotels, Personal Shopper & more.

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