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Adventure awaits ...

  Adventure awaits you ...  
Maria DiCara Welcome to Lux Quest

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page."

- St. Augustine 

Lux Quest Owner Maria Di Cara

The Chameleon in Me

My name is Maria,

Welcome queens and kings to my royal travel dreams. 


I have always been a "chameleon" of sorts, embracing new places and cultures; I call these enlightening memoirs, my 'Lux Quests'.

To me, luxury is the experience of self-discovery through travel.

I am a firm believer that true luxury is attained by new experiences, expression in different forms, while connecting and immersing ourselves on infinite spectrums.


I am a musical artist, a chef, a dog mom and wife, a dancer, multilingual, a spiritual guru, podcast host, and more.


Traveling allows me to explore the limitless amounts of richness that our blue bountiful planet has graciously gifted unto us; this is my grandest revelation.

I envelop myself in new cultures, I beam at the sounds of new languages, and I am infatuated with world music, the hugging heart of every culture. I indulge in exotic cuisine, I honor foreign traditions, I observe ancient practices, I explore geographic treasures; all of this whilst revering in the earths incomprehensible, and overwhelming beauty.


Now I want to share this with you.


Look no further, I am your wanderlust victor, let me plan your next unforgettable 'Lux Quest'. 


~ Maria Di Cara

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Lux Quest  is committed to excellence.

With trusted suppliers of +40 years, we are one of the industries most unique and trusted luxury travel designers. 

Our desire is to discover your travel dreams with you and guide you toward the Lux Quest that aligns harmoniously with your vision, and beyond.


To travel is to "chameleon" into a brand new experience; this is living a life of luxury, so why wait?

We love to accommodate all travelers:

Couples, Singles, Family, Multi-Generational, Corporate & Business Travel, Groups, Babymoons, Honeymoons, Girls Trips, Wellness & Yoga Retreats, Italian Fashion Haute Couture Getaways, Adventure Travel, & more.

There is nothing we cannot do for you.

Some of the services we offer include but are not limited to private jet, yacht charter, flight bookings, hotel arrangements, activity planning, private transfers and more.

Book a consultation with us to discuss your Lux Quest today!

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Maria Di Cara Owner at Lux Quest


"I have always shared a passion for travel; I have been to 40+ states in the US, visited multiple foreign countries, and lived overseas in places like Florence Italy, during which I traveled to over 50 cities throughout the country.

I am an opera singer, a music producer, and recording artist.

Culture is my life; growing up in NYC I was blessed to live in constant diversity and have always thought that to be a great privilege of my youth.

I have sung in 16 languages throughout my career and  speak 5 languages with strong fluency in Italian.

I studied canto-lirico at the 'Cherubini Conservatorio'  in Firenze IT.

I then completed my degree in Performing arts with a concentration in Musical Theater, graduating on the Deans List with a cumulative 4.0, Honors, Society Accolades, and further Scholarship Awards.

Furthering my education, I moved to Hollywood to study Studio Production and Audio Engineering, where I would work amongst and collaborate with Grammy and Emmy Winning professionals in the industry; for this I am ever grateful.

Simultaneously I was employed by a prestigious performing arts college as a travel representative which fostered memorable travel ventures and experiences for me, over a decades time.

These travels allowed me to educate myself on the true thrills and pleasures of traveling.

Travel has always been paramount to me, as is my lust for creating authentic luxury experiences for myself and others to enjoy.

I have been always been a chameleon that wishes to experience and savor every drop of life that I can for myself and felt responsible to share that delicious joy with my peers. 

I am now thrilled to guide you on creating your perfect dream LUX QUEST.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to booking your LUX QUEST soon! "

Image by Marco Montero Pisani


(photo taken in 08' after arriving at The Vatican just as the sun had set; age 18.)

    "When I lived in Florence, I had always idolized 'Loreena McKennits' song "The Mummers Dance" since I was very young. Now I was a working student, and had bravely decided to go on my own to an opera house on a downtown evening in Florence, to finally see her perform live. I had just moved here, and had saved up my own money from babysitting, tutoring, bartending, giving singing lessons, and waitressing to fund my Florence education experience, so in theory, I should have never purchased this gravely expensive ticket. I am forever grateful that I invested that money, because this experience, to me was luxury in the truest sense of the word. I left the 'Giuseppe Verdi Teatro' feeling richer within my soul than I ever knew was possible.


    Moments. Moments are what we crave to create, discovery is what we quench to uncover, and you are special, deserving and unique; I see you. I am you. I share your hunger to know of innovation, new faces, new sights, smells, and the invigoration of all senses. You are someone who lives in perpetual activation toward your most stimulated, highly vibrating activated self, in your thirst for life, like me.


    In college when I studied audio engineering I learned that the definition of sound is the vibration of an object; a movement, a feeling, a breath, and this is called semantics. Sound waves create emotions, shapes and colors in the atmosphere which penetrate through our central nervous system to influence our anatomical state. Visuals, feelings, and sounds are engagement thus connection; this synthesis is what we feel when we experience luxury.

    I am like you. I am you. I thrive through your travel just as my own. Let's embrace the boundless planet together, as it is ripe with endless opportunity to be harvested. Let me guide you to uncover, your Dream LUX QUEST.


Luxury is solace, luxury is sharing, luxury is self-discovery through experiences, and whatever else that personally ensures virtuous joy to you. Let us discover more along the way together!"


- Maria Di Cara Owner LUX QUEST


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