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Please see our list of our customizable services available below.

We welcome inquiries, click the box below to contact us directly for more information about our personalized luxury services.

At Lux Quest we understand that you are different from the average traveler and we value the the opportunity to provide you with excellent service.

Our prestigious partners have over 35 years of credibility in the industry. It is our pleasure to meet your needs bringing forth insight, our expertise, and exclusive recommendations for your individualized getaway.

At Lux Quest, it is our mission to bring fruition to your luxury travel dreams.

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Dreaming of a luxurious yacht cruise around the luscious crystal blue Caribbean? 

Or maybe you prefer to be escorted by private jet and helipad to rest on a secluded island, with white glove service?

At Lux Quest we have the trusted partnerships to create epicurean memorable getaways and make your visions reality.

We are honored to offer Award Winning  partnered services to you.

It is our pleasure to accommodate your travel wishes and special requests.

From world class resorts, to healing wellness retreats, sustainable spa services, state of the art cuisine, agritourism, to breathtaking sites and adventurous explorations in paradise, we will guide you every step of the way to your dream getaway .


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