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retreat Lux Quest

Close your eyes and picture yourself sitting in the jungle gazing out upon a sunset. Listening to the gentle sounds of exotic birds singing, while the luscious waterfalls stream, and a warm sweet amber breeze caresses your heart.

Feel the color of gold and energetic rays of light invigorating your body,

while you experience the true revitalization of a Healing LUX QUEST.

You are in an exotic faraway place, where there is nothing but the sound of tranquility and serenity amongst local wildlife & nature encapsulating you with welcoming peace, and love.



Yoga Retreat group women wellness costa rica Lux Quest
plant based food farm to table Image by Lee Myungseong


We offer exclusive access to Award Winning destination retreats in a number of diverse locations around the world. Some of which include Costa rica, Greece, Bali, Spain, Mexico, Thailand, and more.


Contact us below for more information on how to book your wellness & healing getaway Lux Quest today.

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